Burglars and Pet Access doors

By Pet Access Guy | February 27, 2013

Many people have lots of questions when enquiring about a Pet Access door, but the most common one is:

What if a burglar comes through my pet door?

It’s a terrifying thought, I know. Having the safety of your home compromised by something you thought was going to be such help for you and your pet. This was a huge concern for me as well, so I decided to look into it! This is what I found:

If a crook is going to break in, he’s going to do it regardless if you have a pet door. There are 3 kinds of burglars: The Professional, the Semi-Pro and the Amateur-Opportunist. We usually don’t have to worry about the Professional burglar, they have ‘better’ things to worry about then your residential house. The Semi-pros and amateur-opportunists are more of a concern, they’ll decide to get into your house and be out within a couple minutes.

Burglars look for houses that have unkempt lawns, with improper lighting systems, and that look like no one is home. We’ve been told how to prevent a bugler from entering your home; Lock your doors, get a neighbor to collect mail if on vacation, and use deadbolt locks on all doors. But what if they were to see a pet door?

A small dog or cat door will not fit a human through it. It’s possible that a medium door won’t fit a human through it either, however it all depends on the size of the human. That leaves the large (and XL) dog doors to worry about.

I am assuming the biggest thought in a criminals’ mind, after seeing this extra large dog door on your door would be… “Oh no. There is a BIG dog on the other side of that door, maybe even two!” Therefore, fear will hopefully eliminate the chance of them casually strolling through your pet access door.

If that isn’t enough for you, there are a couple other things that we take care of to ensure your safety. All of our Plexidor access doors come standard with lock and key, plus a steel security plate. If you’re more concerned of your pets, erm… “friends” coming into your house while your away/sleeping, Plexidor has an Electronic Pet Door, which enables only the animal(s) with the chip on their collars to open the garage style access door, and they also close, lock and sound an alarm when tampered with.

Bottom line is, if someone wants in your house, they will get in. However, a pet access door will not aid nor abet the chances of this.

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