Considering a Pet For Christmas?

By Pet Access Guy | December 12, 2011

Just like many of you this Christmas Season we are thinking of a new companion to add our the family but with such a busy life there are so many things to consider and found this article below a great checklist to make sure that this potential change in life style is something we are ready for to provide the best care and lifestyle to your new companion which ever species or breed it maybe.

Pets can add so much to life: affection, activity, fun, interest, companionship, security, support, relaxation, and stress relief. Pet ownership can teach kids not only about animal nature but also about compassion and responsibility. The trick is to choose the pet you’re ready for!

Before you decide to buy or adopt a pet, keep that stray, or accept one of the litter from a friend, review this simple checklist. Do you have the STAMPS:

  1. Space— Is your house in renovation chaos? Does your condo or apartment allow pets?
  2. Time— Are you home much? Do you have time to play with, train, care for and nurture apet? Or are your hands full with a new baby, juggling lessons and sports, or a new job?
  3. Affinity—Does everyone in the family like animals? Are most of you interested in having apet? Do any of you have allergies to specific pets?
  4. Money—Can you afford the food, maintenance, veterinary checkups, licensing, andincidental costs to care for your pet?
  5. Patience—Are you ready to routinely clean up after your pet? Can you accept there will be‘accidents’ along the way as you adapt to each other?
  6. Stability— Do you have a predictable routine? Does business mean you have to travel orrelocate often? Is your household settled for the time being or in flux?

There is a pet for every pet lover—whether it’s a dog, cat, bird, rodent, reptile, lizard or other small animal. Start with those that have been bred for or proven to make good domestic pets. Think about your personalities and lifestyle, learn the traits of different breeds or types of animal, and choose one(s) suited to your family.

Homebodies or outdoors enthusiasts? You can give your pet room to roam, free from threat of predators, falls, or traffic with Habitat Haven’s custom-designed pet enclosures. These sturdy easy-to-assemble modular habitats blend into your backyard, balcony, or indoor space, whether house, condo, apartment, workplace or cottage. They let your pet enjoy the best of both worlds: the comfort, safety and security of the indoors, and the freedom, fresh air and fun of the outdoors.


Article from: Kris Kischer

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