Dog Doors, the saviour of floors!

By Pet Access Guy | June 6, 2011

During this the of playoff hockey, everyone is glued to their seats watching.  Of course, our pet friends have no idea what is happening except seeing us cheer at the goals being scored. We never mean to ignore them, they stand there vying for our attention to let them out. Maybe even interrupting our view of the game!  Wouldn’t it be good to have some sort of invention to be able to let them out? Some form of automatic let out device? Well, there’s no robot who can open the door for them but there are alternatives.
Enter, the dog door.
There was a time when the dog door was simply your regular door which Rover would pester you to open for him. We all know how that is, the sad watery eyes… or we find the results of not letting them out somewhere in the house, there’s nothing you can do to the animal, it had to do its duty. So now, once Rover knows that freedom is a dog door away, you will be able to watch as much of the hockey game as you want! For those that are security conscious, there are even ways to make the dog door secure!

There are dog doors that can actually lock automatically! The secret behind it is RFID technology, small enough to be worn on a dogs collar. The RFID tag lets the mechanism on the door know when Rover is near and will automatically open when and only when the tag is near. Your pooch, in effect, becomes his own door opener, and can go out when he needs to go!
It doesn’t matter what size of dog you have or even the material of the door or wall itself. A dog door is made to accommodate. Even glass patio doors are able to be retrofitted to become a dog door. You can save yourself the effort of cleaning an accidentally messed up floor by putting a dog door into an existing door, wall or patio door. Rover can go about as he pleases leaving you one less messy thing to worry about, you’ll be happy, and Rover will be happy. Isn’t that what its all about?
There are times when it may be difficult for you to get to the door in time for you to open it, groceries in hand or maybe even a toddler bouncing in your arms. Rest assured, if there is a dog door installed, Rover will head outside when he needs to water the lawn, leaving you to deal with the matter at hand!
So, if a dog door might interest anyone with it’s amazing simplicity or if anyone is tired of the family pet standing in front of the television looking with pleading eyes, give us a shout. We have many to choose from to do what you want, either installed by us or a capable handyman nearby. No need to miss out on the winning goals again! Dog doors, so simple but do so much.
Go Canucks Go!

2 thoughts on “Dog Doors, the saviour of floors!

  1. Reply Keinan driedger Aug 12,2011 9:25 am

    I live in Calgary. I have a regular door to our back porch. It is made of glass? How much for a 40 pound midsized dos door?


    • Reply Pet Access Guy Aug 15,2011 5:37 pm

      Great question, our glass pet door conversions start at $450 depending on the size of the glass and the size of the pet door so its best to call us to discuss your glass / pet door size and options available in order to provide you with an accurate price for your situation and installation.
      Thank you

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