Doggie Digs

 Small dogs have big needs.Little Dog's Habitats

They want to explore the wide world, yet face more dangers outdoors than their larger counterparts.

Now you can give them room to roam safely at home with our innovative enclosure systems for little dogs (up to about 20 pounds/13.5kg)!

Sturdy, escape proof, completely enclosed, maintenance free.

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Go ahead, relax!

No more worrying about:

  • Traffic
  • Other dogs
  • Large birds of prey
  • Halloween Pranksters
  • Thieves

Give your dog the best-the best of both worlds: the safety, comfort and security of the indoors, and the freedom, fun and fresh air of the great outdoors.

 Questions about shipping, installation or custom design? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Give your little dog a wholesome active lifestyle in a safe healthy habitat from Home of Habitat Haven, makers of Little Doggie Digs. These are not cages, pens or runs, but enclosure systems that enhance your dog’s life. They let you relax your guard and enjoy your yard as you give your dog a taste of the free and easy life.  Features:

  • Tunnels
  • Stairs
  • Multi-Level Spaces
  • Custom designs
  • Can be configured for any place 
  • A snap to put together, expand, or transport
  • Made from powder-coated, galvanized steel to suit all climates

Choose From:

A selection of cedar or plastic wood floor liners, or have the unit directly over soft grass!

Fits any space!

Special designs for windows, apartments, shelters, retail stores and breeders.


We offer an array of deluxe accessories including pet doors, awnings and hammocks!

Choose From:

A custom design or an easy install kit. We can ship kits ready to install with full instructions.

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