Eliminating the Cold Drafty Pet Door

By Pet Access Guy | September 6, 2011

I know that you either know someone, or you even are that someone, that may have a mud flap style pet flap. They are great for a few months of the year but with winter approaching (its Canada, its never to early to start thinking about Winter) you’re thinking like I was, about those cold drafts that chill your feet and all that money you just spent on power heating your house which is now just floating out the pet flap.

After much reasearch we narrowed down the list, of those expensive mud flap pet doors. What I mean by expensive is that those inexpensive pet flaps that seemed like a good deal on the shelf, but then once installed they start to cost you money by letting your heat out in the winter,  and the heat into your cool air-conditioned house in the summer. Which now makes those inexpensive pet doors become an expensive pet door year after year.

We found the Plexdor pet door with its double pane rigid saloon style pet doors that include a full commercial weather seal just the cats assets. They are also finished in 3 standard and 6 designer colors which we found great to suite almost any challanging design decor.

We have seen and replaced many  doors with limited 3 month waranty but the plexidor comes standard with a full 5 year warranty which cannot be beat.

A new inovation on the market is the ability to install the Plexidor into glass, whether it be a patio door or a just a window, this installation gives you the full use and lockability of you door with out affecting your alarm or creating any drafts like the patio panels do. We loved this installation and even have an electronic Plexidor mounted in our own patio door.

Check these installations out.


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