Experts Recommend Pet Doors for Pet-Friendly Homes

By Pet Access Guy | January 19, 2012

So you’ve been thinking of replacing a door in your house, consider installing a pet-friendly door for your family’s four-legged, furry friend.

Pet Access Solutions expert Andrew Phillips, owner of Pet Access in Vancouver British Columbia , says a pet door is a “Useful addition” to an existing Patio door, wall or house door if the homeowner’s pet is allowed to venture outside unsupervised.

“The pet door allows you to open up your primary door and give your pet the freedom to come and go as they please,” Andrew says.

Pet doors come in a variety of styles fitting every need and budget. Doors that flap open or close when pets enter or exit provide an inexpensive option, while higher technology doors that open and close via a sensor placed on the pet’s collar provide higher security at a higher cost.

“Most pet doors have a lock on the interior if you are concerned about unwanted critters coming in,”Andrew says.”

Robert Wollet of Pet Doors USA, in Bradenton Florida., agrees pet doors provide convenience for both the homeowner and the pet.

“If you’re in a fenced area and you know you’re not gonna have raccoons, you don’t live by a creek and it’s [not] open to every critter in the book, a pet door is really nice for pets to go outside, do their thing and be able to come back and not have to bug you every time they want to go out,” he says.

The pet door Andrew most often recommends to homeowners is custom-made through a third party vendor. After the homeowner selects a new sliding door, the third-party manufactures a glass panel with a pet door that Andrew can then install into the existing door.

“It’s literally a door that’s cut into the glass so when your door is on the locked position, it’s air tight and the pet learns to put nose through the door and just goes,” the Vancouver door installation expert explains.

Andrew advises his customers against installing a pet door in the home’s primary door, “because you would probably have to replace the door if you decided to sell the home.”

Where the Glass mount patio door pet doors leave you with the original glass unit which can be reinstalled inexpensively when you decide to move or no longer require the pet door.

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