Has your dog become a real drag? Give him mobility! Get his butt in a dog cart!

By Pet Access Guy | May 19, 2011

Usually when people think of dogs, they think of an active animal who meets them at the door when they come home, harasses them to let them out to do their “duty” or doody as the case may be, perhaps one may even look at a dog as their own exercise program, to get them up off the couch and go for a walk or romp in the park.

Let’s for a moment think of an animal who is deprived of those types of activities, you can see it in their hairy faces that they are depressed because of their lost mobility due to age, disease or accident. It’s a sight many have faced and it is a sad one. There is hope for these animals! To give them back their mobility and their joy of running around with their puppy friends, to be able to chase that ball, and to go for long walks without having time to recuperate for the next one. The doggy wheelchair. No longer will your animal be a depressed animal! He can once again be mobile due to these engineering marvels.

Whether your dog is large or small there is a doggy wheelchair that will fit his needs. No longer are they the clunky, heavy, hard to wield prototypes of years ago. They are now lightweight, durable, and easy to move around for your disabled pooch. They come in many sizes and are easy to fit to your dog. With some easy to take measurements of your animal we are able to prescribe a comfortable fitting mobility device to your dog’s backend letting them once again be able to harass you to get off the couch and take them out. There are some differences based on whether your puppy has a disability to its front half or rear half.

If your puppy has a disability to its front half it is only a little more work because of the balance issues of a front leg disability. The doggy wheelchair will then need to be a more custom fit to take into account the mobility of the animal and the balance difference and may take a short time for us to get it to you. If your puppy has a disability on its rear leg or legs then we usually have a wheelchair in stock to get him mobile again! We also know that there are times when your pooch will only be immobile for a temporary period and so we have made rentals available for that emergency.

Recently we saw firsthand the difference a doggy wheelchair can make to not only the animal involved but the owner. Both Kubo and Murphy made amazing changes from being unhappy puppies to ones you can really see the smiles on their little hairy faces. The changes were remarkable, not only had they regained their mobility but their old happy demeanours as well! So good luck Kubo and Murphy! We hope you both enjoy your new life!

We all love our animals and we take great care to make sure that they are happy. We are here to help where we can! Give us a call if you think a doggy wheelchair will help to make your pet be able to harass you properly again!

2 thoughts on “Has your dog become a real drag? Give him mobility! Get his butt in a dog cart!

  1. Reply Gail Jan 1,2013 3:20 pm

    Do you know of a company that makes or carries dog doors large enough to accommodate your wheelchairs?

    • Reply Pet Access Guy Feb 27,2013 6:44 pm

      Depending on the size of your dog wheelchair but given that your dog in a wheelchair should be supervised at all times a pet door usually is not required as the house door can be used by the person supervising the dog in the cart

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