Installing Your New Pet Door

By Pet Access Guy | January 5, 2011

So you have either purchased or considering to purchase a new pet door, and you’re asking your self can I install it myself or who do I know that could do it for you?

The answer is Yes and Yes, Installing your own pet door is not rocket science but will take some basic handy person tools and some experience using those tools  and if you don’t have the tools or experience and you don’t have a local pet door installer, your local handy man should be able to handle it.

First of all I hope you did your research have chosen a quality door like Plexidor which is the most Energy Efficient and Durable available and has a 5 year warranty to back its claims up. But be careful in choosing a less inexpensive mud flap model  the has a very limited warranty and will require regular flap replacement to stop them becoming to drafty and making your floors cold in the winter, but that’s a whole another blog post.

Now that you have chosen the correct door for your size pet and have your tool box ready you will need these tools for most installations through a wall or door. Drill, Drill bits, Jigsaw, Screwdrivers, Painters tape, Vacuum Cleaner, pencil and a level. These are the main tools that I use but some installations like going through a concrete wall may require other specialty tools.

With some of the pet doors available like Plexidors the come with a full size template and instructions to make the guess work a little easier.

An important part of installing a pet door is setting the door at the right height for all your pets that will be using your door

You will need to layout where you need to cut and use the painters tape to protect the area around the hole so the paint doesn’t get damaged, as we don’t want to have to repaint your door or wall again.

If you are cutting through a wall, start from the inside and be careful not to cut through wires or plumbing and make sure that you are cutting in the same spot on the outside.

Installing your pet door through glass for a patio door is very specialized and could be done by yourself but due to the level of skill required I highly recommend you leave that to a professional like us here at Pet Access Solutions to do the installation correctly.

So now you are ready to cut that hole, remember to measure twice and cut once and if your not sure its for you? Please get a professional installation company like Pet Access Solutions or a skilled local handyman to complete the install for you and we will even clean up the mess as well.

Now this is a brief overview and a few tips of pet door installation  given the many different materials you may be cutting through or the directions given in the pet door you purchased so good luck or I would love to talk to you soon.

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