Let Your Indoor Cat into the Outdoors

By Pet Access Guy | December 28, 2011

Every Year around Christmas time many cats and kittens are bought or adopted as gifts and quite often the breeders or adoption rescue centers only let their cats go on the promise that the cats be going to an indoors only home.

This is great as the smaller native wildlife doesn’t have to suffer from these great hunters and equally these great hunters are not hunted by larger native wildlife.

The problem is that these felines could use a breath of fresh air or an adventure to the outdoors every now and then and Habitat Haven has the answer with their Cats Den and Catio’s which are great as they allow your cat the freedom of the outdoors and can also get that stinky litter box outdoors aswell.

These Habitats come in just about any imaginable dimension including tunnels, stairs, towers, bridges and tree houses.

Now, in response to growing demand, Habitat Haven has begun manufacturing enclosures adapted to the needs of an ever wider variety of pets: not only cats and dogs, but rabbits, ferrets, tortoises, and birds like parrots and doves.

These attractive pet habitats are available in a number of do-it-yourself configurations or custom-installed. They blend into your backyard, balcony, or indoor space and are a snap to expand or disassemble and take with you.

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