My Dog Just Went Through My Sliding Glass Patio Door!

By Pet Access Guy | December 20, 2010


It was a day just like any other, and as my family and I were just sitting watching the hockey while patting our dog Bailey, who is a Husky Shepherd (not a small dog ).

When a noise or something on the deck must have caught his eye outside.

Then our normally sleepy slow moving pooch suddenly with out warning bolted up, ignored the crumbs left over from my kids dinner on the floor and headed through the maze of toys in the play room and  straight towards the glass sliding patio door and went right through it….

All thanks to our new Electronic Pet Door mounted in the glass of our sliding patio door, so now I don’t have to get up and let bailey in or out and yes I’m sorry about this shameless plug about our glass installations but Bailey is one happy dog last year with his christmas present.

Plexidor Electronic

Bailey’s new pet door

He is also finding the winters harder and harder as the years go by, as too am I with his early morning need to go out and water the shrubs. But now I don’t have to get up and open the door and then wait while he does his security rounds while I am freezing on the deck while  calling and trying to make him come in so I can get back to bed. Well you get the picture.

Now I can proudly answer the question I get asked all the time.” So what kind of door and installation do you have Andrew?” I can now answer with out avoiding the question. ” I have the ultimate in glass mounted with the Electronic Plexidor Glass conversion pet door.”.

TimBit now can’t wait to live up to our expectations of Bailey, he’s just a little too small for the pet door right now, not to mention he loves running away when Eliza is watching him (lucky her! He just wants Andrew).


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