Pet Door Installation Locations

By Pet Access Guy | April 20, 2011

So you think a pet door might be right for you? Well maybe it is but I am sure its definately the right thing for your pet so they may get outside to smell the flowers and maybe even water the flowers or lawn for you. This is a natural healthy thing they do, both for their mind and their body because as we all know keeping active keeps our minds and body in shape. 

And also could you not go to the bathroom for 8-9 hours? I didn’t think so.

So a pet door is a wonderful addition for your pet to expand his or her horizons, while you save on the energy bills by not leaving your door or window open all summer or winter.

It is also a good idea to concider exposure to sun, rain and wind as these will also affect the comfort of both you and your pet in different weather conditions and may even require a small awning to shelter the area.

If you have at all any security concerns with either the 2 legged type or 4 legged critters there are electronic dog doors and electronic cats door options available.

Now the big question, Where to install one?


You could install your pet door through your regular house door and infact this is the most popular installation of all due to the ease of installation and it doesn’t matter whether you have a wooden, steel,  fibreglass or even a glass french door.


This is the second and for most people I’ve met the last option, but we will get to the third option in a minute.

The wall installation requires a little more skill and knowkedge depending on what or how your walls are constructed of. They could be as easy as drywall, 2×4’s and vinyl siding or as hard as concrete blocks or solid concrete.

Either way if  you have some mid level Handyman skills and the right tools you could do this yourself.

Windows and Patio Doors

Yes, finally the third type of pet door installation. The Window and Patio door installation  does usually require a profesional to install for you as it will need a new unit of tempered glass with cut out allowances for the pet door. This installation can be done through single, double and even triple pane glass but as I mentioned before not ususally for the average handyman.

Though this option is not the most cost effective up front it can become very cost effective at the time of reversal as if you kepp the original unit of glass safe it can be inexspensively refitted to return to original.

But the cost of reversing the door or wall options can get very expensive at this reversal point with either the replacement of a new door, drywall, siding and painting which can often turn out to be more expensive than the pet door in patio door or window option.

For the best pet door and there are many with both good and bad points and features I like the Plexidor brand due to their Energy efficiency, durability, quietness and most of all lack of maintenance followed up by their 5 year waranty.

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