Pet Door saves our Sanity

By Pet Access Guy | August 30, 2012

Our dog bailey who is an integral part of our family and over the summer I grown more conscious of our dog Bailey’s hearing which has been failing fast and with this it has some good sides and bad sides and the first being is that he used to howl at every siren that went by with great amusement from all our surrounding neighbors who get a kick out of how loud he can howl.

The funniest thing is I still find myself calling and whistling to him and find myself saying just shaking my head as I go to make eye contact with him and then use the hand signals I stated using early on that correspond with important commands so he can still understand me.

But the fact that he has stopped howling as he can no longer hear the wails of the sirens has let to many a neighbor’s thinking he had passed and that we have a new pooch due to that they now hear barking which they never heard from bailey before.

It seems that with the absence of hearing he has now taken up barking to communicate with us which is something that we have had to get used too as life with a dog who doesn’t bark has been pretty nice.

Our saving Grace is the electronic pet door bailey got installed in our patio glass door for Christmas a couple of years ago and if it was not for his special pet door he would now be barking all day while we are at work to get in or when ever he needs to get out and go and do his back yard rounds.

How I know this is the occasional time we lock his pet door and forget to turn it back on he uses his loud bark to get attention instead of his little yap he used to give before was deaf because now he cant hear how loud he is he just yells his barks as loud as he can.

So we love the fact that he can come and go when he likes without waking us or the neighbors up in the middle of the night or day to be let in or out, great job PlexiDor on such a great product.

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