Pet Doors and HOA’s and Strata’s

By Pet Access Guy | October 22, 2011

Window Mounted Cat Door

For years now you have been wanting a pet door to allow your companion the freedom to come and go at their leisure, but have been restricted by the Home Owners Association (HOA) or Strata not allowing any holes to be cut into walls and doors of any of the exterior structure. This is an email we received from a very happy customer!

I found this dilemma and frustration as well for many years until I found the solution which I had been right in front of me all this time.

But now was the challenge of finding someone to install the pet door into my glass window which in its self was a very frustrating as I was told over and over again by the experts in the field of glass that it could not be done. Myself being the kind of person who says “never believe someone who says can’t”, I found a pet door company Pet Access who has been doing this for years and does a beautiful job at it, so good that it in fact looks better than factory and it even left me with the original piece of glass that I can reinstall when I move. There is no cutting, mess at the installation or repairs to be done when the pet door is removed just the original glass reinstalled.

These guys were my saviors and my cat Felix now has the freedom he has been waiting for and I have a draft free pet door that I have not had any cold breezes come through, after having drafty cat flaps many years ago I thought their claim of a draft free cat door was a bit of a stretch but the Plexidor pet doors they use are really the most energy efficient that I have seen.

Great Product, great customer service, if your local glass companies say it cant be done contact these guys.” -Bob 


We LOVE hearing great things about us (really, who doesn’t?). Another great option for rental and Strata controlled houses, is a Patio Panel Pet Access door. Little installation with the convince of having a pet door!

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