Pet Doors and Why They are Important

By Pet Access Guy | March 28, 2012

Probably the greatest things about bringing a dog or a cat into your life is without a doubt is their companionship as well as their loyalty but sometimes there are circumstances out of your control that might  leave your pet inside a house for hours on end or even left outside.It’s true you need to go for work and can’t be around to be able to let your pet in and out your door, but what you may just might do for your companion is use a dog door that can allow them to come and your the doggie or cat can head out outside to see the lavatory or play in your yard, which will be a huge comfort to everyone as they will not have to hold it and you will not have to clean any mishaps up.

One downside to traditional doggie doors have been that they tend not to discriminate related to which species they let in and out of your house. For years owners have lamented about run-a-way dogs, cats and kittens, and even the rare raccoon developing entry within home by way of these doggie doors. And some individuals are concerned about some pets (usually cats) escaping through the door or people entering their property through these kinds of openings.

One way you can prevent this trouble is by having an electronic dog door or cat flap or even a locking regular doggie door to be able to only make it easy for selective entry inside the house. This could work to overcome any challenges or concerns you will probably have about utilizing a dog door and often will still make it easy for your animal to own unlimited admission to the yard along with the house. These doggie doors work with an RFID collar tag which is attached for your dog’s scruff of the neck and will only open the threshold only whenever that collar is at a specific proximity to door.

When researching for a doggie door or cat flap their are many options to select from, consider the weather – rain, wind, freezing, or the heat?  We have found the range of Plexidor pet doors which are either wall, door and even glass mountable to be the Cadillac of pet doors being both durable and energy efficient.

Patio door pet doors are essential if you live in  a strata or LOA as they do not require any wall or door to be cut and you get to retain the original glass which can be installed at any time at a later date with out any damage to the buildings envelope or structure.

Contrary to everyday opinion, installing an outdoor patio dog door is not hard. Because these types of dog door takes advantage of a ready-made higher and clear pane which usually fits the strength of an pre-existing door frame within your patio.

Dog doors encourage the family pet to access the outside and inside the home themselves without you needing you to get off the couch.

Author Andrew Phillips

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  1. Reply Benjamin Moore Apr 19,2012 3:44 am

    Dog Doors lessen your effort for your dog.
    you don’t have to wake up early morning to open the door for your dog.

  2. Reply Pet Access Guy Apr 19,2012 8:23 am

    Yes I love the fact that I don’t have to get up and let my guy out in the middle of the night

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