Pet Habitats

Cat Caves

Walking Palm Pet Caves provide a comfortable sleeping and playing burrow for cats, small dogs & other small animals under 25 lbs. Each individual cave is made uniquely by hand to give your furry friend a personal enclosed place to retreat!


Available in an assortment of colours. 

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Do you have a pet that loves the outdoors, but you’re worried about letting him or her outside unsupervised? 

No, this isn’t about putting your lovable kitty or puppy into a cage – pet enclosures are actually outdoor habitats which your pet can freely walk in and out of and experience the great outdoors in a 100% safe environment!

Cat’s Dens
Cat's Dens

We love animals, and take a loss of every cat personally, even if they’re not ours. If you ever lost a cat, you know just how devastating the loss can be. These habitats are designed to keep your cat safe, and are something that cats seem to have a particular affinity towards. There are two versions of these – a kit that you can put together yourself, or a custom-made cat pen. 

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Doggie Digs

Doesn’t it break your heart not to be able to let your small dog out because of traffic or other dogs? Doggie Digs are habitats designed for small dogs that desperately want to go out, but can’t without your supervision. We all have busy lives, and not being able to walk your dog can happen from time to time. Now you can let your dog out without any worry! There are quite a few different options for small dog owners to choose from. 

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