Plexidor – Why You Should Choose This Product Line

By Pet Access Guy | February 7, 2011

Plexidor Pet Doors

If you intend to put a pet door in your home, then you care a lot for your pets comfort and leisure. But then, as a pet owner, you, too, deserve some comfort. So, it would be ideal to get a pet door that ranks high on several metrics – price, reliability, installation ease, as well as enhanced security for your home. This short article breaks down what these features involve.

A pet door should be easy to install, if anything

You could either hire a pet door installer , handyman to do this for you, or you can sit down and do the handiwork yourself. Choice is always good, especially when it can result in savings. Will you be installing the pet door on a house doorpatio door, on a glass one, or through a brick wall, these things you need to determine, because there are particular pet doors that can do these.

Energy Efficient-Reduce your energy bills with Plexidor

The Plexidor pet doors use a double pane (just like your windows) rigid pet flaps which have a commercial weather seal all he way around stopping any drafts from chilling your floor and feet. Saving you on energy bills. 

Size availability – get the size wrong and you might inconvenience your pet

You will usually find, when you buy a reputable branded pet door like Plexidor, a template size cut guide for installation.  So do measure your pets dimensions, from the shoulder width to the height, so you can get this door size right.

Sturdy– Not a problem with Plexidor pet doors as they are the most durable on the market today so you don’t have to worry about it falling apart even with rowdy pets, They are even covered by a 5 year warranty on all parts.

 For pets that seem delicate or too small, or lazy and don’t want to work hard, the Plexidor saloon style dual flaps are for them as they swing from the side and not the top as most pets (especially cats ) are not fond of things running down their backs. For pets that are often a bouncing ball of energy, the hard flaps are more than durable for those busting through the pet door moments during play. Your choice.

Locking mechanism – because you may not want that flap open 24/7

Plexidor flaps open either way, or to be specific, they sway either way.Plexidor offers security through 2 lock setting features of either the everyday key lock mechanism or the security plate for those longer periods away from home. They can also be used as a 2-way locking & 4-way locking system. That’s because you want the option to set the pet door to lock when your pet comes in. For extra security, you may want to explore Electronic pet door that offer an automatic pet door system. This automatic door system can detect the presence of your pet and consequently open automatically, letting them leave or come in as needed.

The wrap up – so what pet door ranks high on these aspects?

The most highly recommended pet exists/entrances today is Plexidor pet doors. Easy to install, sturdy, comes in many sizes and colors, and they have tunnel extensions as well – that’s the beauty of the Plexidor door line. Also, you may be interested to browse their offerings in the automatic door line.

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