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Plexidor Pet Doors in Glass is NOW available

Dog Patio Door Pet Doors

If you are a Plexidor Dealer or Glass Installer this new product will increase your sales

Ask us How!

You have been waiting for this for years and so have your customers.

Pet Access Solutions has now teamed up with Plexidor/Pet Doors USA as there Plexidor Glass Pet Door Division providing you with all the great quality and customer service you already get at Plexidor .

We use the same great  high quality pet doors manufactured by Plexidor and individually prepare them for each custom glass installation whether it be into a:

Sliding GlassPatio Doors ● French Doors  Stationary Windows  

Other Household Glass Wall Surfaces

Quite often the patio door or window is the only option for some homes especially condo’s, apartments and HOA and strata complex’s and the glass option is the perfect solution as the home owner can keep the original glass which can be reinstalled at a time where the pet door is no longer required. meaning no repairs to doors or walls.

This means the upfront cost of the install is a little more than the other options but at the reversal stage it will save them money on wall or door repairs or replacement.

This Glass Conversion Pet Door allows:

  • The sliding door to slide, lock and function without any change.
  • The screen to work normally.
  • The secondary locks and alarms to work without modification.
  • Maintains the door’s built-in energy efficiency.
  • The Plexidor glass mount pet door is installed in a new double or single pane tempered safety glass.
  • Your weather stripping still lines up and seals properly.
  • Maintains a full unobstructed view.
  • Easy to remove. If you sell your home or no longer have a pet, the original glass can be reinstalled in minutes.
  •  Security cover with deadlock adds security and is weather tight when closed.
  • Shipping is inexpensive as the glass is provided locally by you the local dealer or installer.
Click on the links below for the following information, forms and video

Plexidor Glass Conversion Pet Door – Dealer Instructions Click Here

Glass Conversion Order Form Click Here  

Plexidor Glass Pet Door Dealer Instructional Video Double Click video to Enlarge

We can also provide you with the glass installation materials and tools like Glaziers tape and vacuum cups.

Please call or email us if we can help you with any questions or orders

Andrew Phillips    Ph#  778-808-7421 

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    hi andrew
    thanks for calling today might just turn out to be a very profitable call ! please send me your customers info and we will do our part here. Again we make our on ig units and use super spacer as well i think this will be a great fit .


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