Setting the bar in Commitment and Compassion

By Pet Access Guy | November 30, 2010

Ohbee who defied all odds

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting and spending some time with a truly inspirational human being.

I was truly inspired by Robert and his wife’s story that unfolded in mid April of this year.

Robert and his wife rushed their 12 year old chihuahua, Ohbee, to a 24 hour emergency pet hospital because she was having issues breathing.  They were told that she was going into heart failure due to a heart murmur she had for years. Once all of the tests were complete, they were told that they should say their good-bye’s because she would not be around much longer. They told the doctor that if their baby was going to pass, then she would be at home surrounded by love. The doctor was not happy.  They asked what would it take to be able to take her home and they were told that she needed to have oxygen. They created their own little chamber out of a travel kennel hooked up to a machine called a concentrator (makes oxygen instead of using bottle oxygen).  After 2 weeks they were able to keep her out of the chamber and just have her on heart medication.Here it is now the end of November and she is doing great and still surrounded by love.

Robert and his wife were told that lower elevations allow us and animals to breathe a little easier, so they loaded up their RV and headed from Calgary to Las Vegas and San Diego. Their trip was supposed to be  2 – 3 weeks long but has turned into them staying down in Vegas for at least a few more months because they have seen her do a lot better at the lower elevations and struggle when they drive through higher ones.  For Robert and his wife, Ohbee is one of their 4 legged babies and they feel blessed to be able to do whatever it takes to provide her a better quality of life for however long she is with them.

Robert and his wife are blessed. They do not have to worry about money and having to work for a living. This has allowed them to be able to go above and beyond and set a whole new bar for commitment and compassion so they can cherish every day they have with Ohbee and will continue to give her love.

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