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By Pet Access Guy | April 23, 2013

PlexiDor (Wall) DogOutside

How about having to stand out in the cold, with the door propped open, waiting for your dog? Pets making a mess in the house, whether it is tearing up the sofa, your shoes, his toys and even elimination in the house? Do you finally want a full nights sleep, without the mess in the morning?

Sounds like you need a pet access door! It will eliminate the need to get up 1000 times in your day (and night) to let your pup in and out. You’ll save on energy, cause there will be no more door left open while waiting. A pet door will reduce the chances of you coming home to a mess, too.

Now is the fun part, trying to figure out what kind of door you need as well as where to put it.

Firstly, what animal will be coming in and out of this door?

If you have just cats, there is the Sure Flap Microchip Cat door, as well as Cat Mates Smartest Electronic Doors. Both these doors will only open for your cat. The Sure Flap goes off the microchip already implanted, and the Cat Mate requires a collar and tag to be worn in order gain access. Both have 4 way locking capabilities, however the Cat Mate super select has a locking timer. There is also the Plexidor Pet door for your cat, however we will be going over those in just a moment.

For dogs, the best option of pet access door you can choose is a Plexidor. These things are built to be used. Tough, versatile, energy efficient and have a nice look. You can install a Plexidor in your door, wall, as well as glass. (Yes, straight in your glass door).

If you’re concerned about other critters coming in your dog door, Plexidor makes an electronic dog door that works off a tag on your dogs collar.

In rental situations, a Freedom Patio Panel Pet door might be your best option. Less of an install and the ability to take it down right away if no longer needed. If you’re not into the idea of cutting a hole in your door, wall or glass, how about your patio screen? Pet Safe Pet Screen Door is a swinging wire mesh door that snaps directly onto your existing screen door. You’d still have to open the glass portion in the colder months however.

If you’re serious about a Pet Access door, I would absolutely recommend a Plexidor. Installations available in doors, walls and glass, Plexidor doors are professionally engineered and manufactured from quality materials to be the very best: quiet, energy-efficient, completely secure, long-lasting and most importantly safe and easy for pets to use.

For more information on any of these doors, please click the links attached, or give us a call 778-808-7421. We’d love to assist you in making your (and your pets) lives easier!



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