What Critter Came Through Your Pet Door

By Pet Access Guy | December 23, 2011

This topic comes up a lot and infact its one of the most asked questions by my customers.

So I want to know What Critters have come through your or your friends or families pet door?
I have noted that almost everyone has a story, either their own or a friends so please share it with us or forward this post to the friend who has the story and get them to tell us about it and have pictures are great too.
It is inevitable that critters are going to occasionally come through standard non locking pet doors and the simple but more expensive solution is to install an electronic pet door that either works using RFID or inferred technology as an example. These work great and do prevent unwanted guests coming in for a free meal.
For the rest of us who can’t afford an electronic pet door there is the tried and true regular pet door which if given a reason, also lets anything in.
What I mean by “given a reason too” is critters are primarily out to find food and if you have the tasty smell of fido or kitties dinner sitting right beside your pet door allowing the lovely smell to float out through your pet door as most inexpensive ones are not very air tight.
Them the critters out on their nightly rounds are going to stop and investigate where that aroma is coming from and thus leading them through your pet door for a free snack.
Firstly we recommend not keeping your pets food next to the pet door and secondly use an extremely energy efficient pet door to all but eliminate the air flow through the pet door.
Please share us your stories with us.

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