Why You Should Install a Pet Door in Your House

By Pet Access Guy | January 23, 2011

Why should we install a Pet Door?

As parents we all know that sometimes we concede to our children’s pressure and get them a pup. When the pup grows and it’s not so cute anymore,  the responsibilities of having it also increase. So I bet you’re often wondering how to make things easier for both you and your pet.

Dogs not only need food, they also need water, sun, shade, a place where they can relieve themselves like a dog run or enclosure. That’s not counting their emotional needs. You might have heard that getting a pet door installed is a great way to make life easier for you while getting some of your pet’s needs taken care of. Here are some things you need to consider when your deciding whether or not to install a pet door.


When installed correctly, pet doors are safe. Some people worry about whether or not someone can gain access into their house through a pet door, and in some cases that concern is well founded.  Though pet toys, food, water dishes and pet doors (especially larger ones) are a big enough deterrent for your average common thief  who wants nothing to do with a dog, its the pros who don’t care if there is a dog and are prepared for it and will find a way  in no matter. An Electronic pet door will also take care of these concerns when installed as they only open for your pet- thanks to the technology of RFID where your pet wears a tag (with no battery required) on their collar that is programmed for your door only.


One thing to consider when installing a pet door is that it will be used A LOT by your pet so choose a durable  and Energy efficient pet door. Your dog has to be able to go through the door comfortably; don’t forget to take into account that young pups will grow very fast, so make sure your pet is measured properly. This is covered in another blog .


The location of your pet door installation is also very important. Consider whether you want to install through a wall, a house door or, if you don’t have either of those places as an option, you probably have a sliding glass patio door, which can also have a pet door installed right into it. This is covered in another blog.

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