10 Dog door facts you probably didn’t know

By Pet Access Guy | May 22, 2013


  • Sir Issac Netwon is credited as the inventor of the first pet door. It was designed for his cat, and his invention was referred to as a “cat flap


  • Your dog will be more likely to use a dog door for the first time if they see someone else do it. So unless you have a door trained dog already, get down on your knees and show them how to do it!
  • A high-grade dog door (such as PlexiDor) will cut down on energy bills!
  • Patio pet door panels are a light-installation in your patio door, proving perfect for rentals. With heavy-duty aluminum construction, shatter resistant tempered safety glass, and UltraSeal flexible flap system for energy efficiency, nothing is sacrificed because you’re in a rental.
  • PlexiDor offers 90 day Satisfaction Guarantee and 5 year limited warranty for residential use.
  • Pet Doors can be unsafe for small children. Put a fence before your pool to reduce the risk of drowning. 

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