A Revolutionary New Glass Conversion Pet Door

By Pet Access Guy | November 15, 2011

Its been a long time coming but it is finally here!

Plexidor Glass Conversion Pet Door

Two amazing companies, Plexidor and Pet Access Solutions have teamed up to bring you  the Plexidor Glass Conversion pet door which opens up the possibilities to thousands more pet owners who only have the option of a patio door or window to install a pet door through.

The Plexidor Glass Conversion pet door installs easily with the help of over 400 dealers and installers nation wide who are there to take care of the installation of the new glass panel with the pet door installed.

This installation is fast, simple and clean as there is no  house door or wall to cut a hole in and if you ever wanted to reverse the installation, it is simple as  you get to keep the original which can be reinstalled.

What makes their pet door so much better than the old patio panel you ask? Well it allows you to lock your patio door as the factory intended which also allows it to seal properly because if you have ever owned a patio panel then you know that they are not at all energy efficient and take up half the open door area.

I love this clean and almost transparent installation and your dog and or cat will too.


2 thoughts on “A Revolutionary New Glass Conversion Pet Door

  1. Reply Ali Mar 21,2012 10:06 pm

    How much does an install cost for the Plexidor Glass Conversion pet door cost? I live in a 4th floor condo and would love to have a pet door for my 16lb cat to get in and out of :) Thanks! Ali

  2. Reply Pet Access Guy Apr 19,2012 8:26 am

    Hi Ali for the cat size door the price can range from $600 and up depending on your local glass costs and the type of glass you have. Its also great for condo’s as you dont have to cut into walls and doors it just installs into the glass which can be swapped back at a later date.

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