How to get the Right size pet door

By Pet Access Guy | May 14, 2013

OPENING WIDTH: a little wider then the widest part of your pet.
OPENING HEIGHT: measure from the top of the shoulders to the chest just behind the front legs. We recommend the “Cardboard Test” to ensure correct size for your pet.choose-and-measure


Cardboard Test: Using the OPENING SIZE measurement in the charts, cut a hole in a piece of cardboard, and see if your pet can pass through easily. Or wedge open a house door the OPENING WIDTH, and block off the OPENING HEIGHT (starting just above your pet’s shoulder) and call your pet through.

Pets duck their heads as they push open their doggie door or cat door and step through it, so ideally you should install the pet door with the top of the opening just above your pet’s shoulder. But any position will do, as long as your pet can open the door and get through comfortably.


The Opening sizes on our doors go as follows:


SureFlap Cat Flap: 5.59”w X 5.39”h

SureFlap SmallDog:  7”w X 6.69”h


CatMate (both elite select and super select): 6.5”w X 7.5”h


Freedom Patio Panel:

Small:  5 1/8”w X 7 5/8”h            with 1 ¾” step over

Medium: 8 1/8”w X 11 ¾” h          with 1 ¾” step over

Large: 10 1/8”w X 15 3/4” h         with 4 ¼” step over

Tall Large: 10 1/8”w X 15 ¾”h       with 8 ¼” step over


PetSafe Screen door: 7 9/10”w X 9 ¼”h


All PlexiDors (wall, door or glass mount):

Small: 6 ½”w X 7 ¼”h           up to 24lbs

Medium: 9”w X 12”h             up to 40 lbs

Large: 11 ¾” X 16”h             up to 100lbs

Extra Large: 16”w X 23 ¾”h  up to 220lbs

Electronic: 12 3/4w X 20”h    up 125lbs



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