Is your pet a fire hazard?

By Pet Access Guy | June 3, 2013

With your new Pet Access Door, most likely your pet will have more access to the house as well. Its time to think about fire safety and protecting your dog!

Barbeques and fireworks aren’t the only fire hazards out there, and the National Fire Protection Association estimates that 1,000 house fires are started every year by pets. Take a couple minutes to use these 3 fire safety tips to reduce your chance of a fire, and to keep your dog safe.


The Stove

The stove is the number one place a pet is likely to start a fire. Removing stove knobs, or using safety devices is a great way to make sure your dog isn’t knocking on the stove when he jumps up on the counter, cause he smelt leftover food up there.


Open Flames

Dogs have no fear of hot objects, making candles and fire places dangerous. Never leave a pet unattended near open flame, try using flameless candles.


Electrical Cords

Teething puppies (and some adult dogs) like to chew, and electrical cords seem to be a favourite. Either then the risk of electrocution, a short circuit from a chewed cord can easily lead to a fire. Make sure all cords are out of the dogs reach, especially during the holidays when using Christmas lights.



No one ever plans for a fire, but there are always steps you can take to prevent one. Keeping a collar on your pet and a leash easily accessible by the door is always a smart idea, as well as having a pet alert window cling to alert fire crews that there is animals inside.

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