Pet Door Security

By Pet Access Guy | May 6, 2013

With our PlexiDor Pet Doors, security is a huge concern. That’s why each and every pet access door comes with a lock and two keys. The lock imgres-24features a steel cam inside a hardened metal cylinder. Just turn the key to lock or unlock the door. Also included is a steel security plate, which can be installed when you’re leaving your house for an extended period. To use the security plate daily, a Sliding Track with Flip Lock accessory can be purchases for your convenience.

Security doesn’t just mean keeping the bad guys away, we’re concerned about your pets well-being too. PlexiDor panels swing both ways, so your pet can’t get caught in the middle. They have saloon-style, shatter resistant dual thermo-pane hardened acrylic panels that do not require costly vinyl replacement flaps. The panels are insulated, lightly tinted, yet see-through, creating a window for your pet. The heavy duty anodized aluminum interior and exterior frames won’t rust, bend, crack or warp. The Extra-Large and Top Swing units have chew-proof aluminum trim, and all PlexiDors close quietly without banging, to not frighten or disturb you and your pet.

For added security, the PlexiDor Electronic door uses a collar key attached to your dogs collar, allowing just that animal through the door. For peace of mind, the electronic door will automatically shut down, lock itself AND an alarm will sound, if the door is tampered with.

For more information, or to calm other worries you may have, please give us a call. We’d love to hear from you.



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