The Descision of a dog or cat door

By Pet Access Guy | February 15, 2012

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The Decision of if you should get a pet door for your dog or cat is an vital decision that requires many considerations.  There are doors in many sizes to fit the tiniest of dogs or cats one to fits your biggest canine. Measuring your pet to find the size door that best fits your pets size and needs is very important

To find the correct size on your door you ll want to measure your k9 from the the top of shoulders to the bottom of the chest, just behind front legs. You will also need to measure the width of the pet at his or her widest.

The essential thing  when picking out a door for your dog or cat is specifications. There are many great features about them and they offer a considerable amount of convenience including burglar safe devices to make it very hard to open without the particular collar. This requires getting a dog door made from quality materials like the plexidor with their insulated Rigid, high-impact, shatter-resistant panels, and its important that the panel forms a great seal when closed . It is fairly priced and defiantly will serve its purpose. Although an outdoor patio dog door just isn’t considered a foremost tool on your decorating efforts, they should at a minimum blend in with the surroundings as does the Plexidor glass conversion pet door

When installing doggie doors or cat flaps you could have three location choices choices.

  1. Regular metal, wood or fiberglass house door.
  2. Wall mounted that mounts through your wall.
  3. Glass mounted that can be mounted through your patio door or window.

Congratulations, you set the foundation for an simple and enjoyable life with all your pets and their new access point that will save you money with energy efficiency. !

Most pet doors use a vinyl flaps that are prone to warping and tearing, other doggie doors use hinges at the very top of a piece of plexiglass so there ‘s no flex on the particular flap. On further research, we learned that magnets could get easily removed making the seal much less efficient. The Plexidor we found hinge from the side and are spring operated and are the quietest and come with a 5 year warranty.  One incredibly neat function is the pet doors that are fitted with automated security locks. It is actually directly visible that would-be burglars can not open them which is a deterrent in the case of to break-ins. A doggy door enable you to retain a pet puppy and never worry about then using your floor as their bathroom.

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