Worried About Intruders ?

By Pet Access Guy | November 4, 2010

The most asked question and you’re probably thinking the same, is when I have a  pet door can someone come in through the pet door?imgres-25
And the answer is yes, if the door is large enough and is not an Electronic Dog or Electronic Cat doors activated by a RFID or Infrared tag, but if you leave the back door open so your pet can come and go, so can intruders both the 2 legged and 4 legged unwanted guests but we will get to the 4 legged ones soon.

Through out my many years of training and working in the security industry I have found that it pretty much comes down to 2 general types of thiefs,
1.The common or opportunistic thief, which makes up for the majority. He does not care one bit for noisy and/or potentialy aggressive dogs that might bite, and certainly draw attention to their doings and being where they are not meant to be. They are the stealthy ones who hide in the shadows and infact the slightest sign of anything that inicates a dog on your property, turns them on their heels to the next house that doesn’t have a dog. The fact that you have a pet door means that your noisy and potentialy aggressive dog can get out to bite them or chase them off. The intruder that may have figured out your dog is a lover not a fighter has probably done their research which puts them in the second catagory of thief.
2.The second category is the hardened pro, who is dedicated to enetring your property and is cool, calm and very braisend and ready for anything. He has no problem breaking a window and does not care if you have a dog or not, so having a pet door in this case may save you a broken window as they are the ones who are prepared and are coming in any way they can.
As for the the 4 legged intruder, and we have all heard the stories and for the most part is followed by the line “the raccoon or neigbours pet ate the dogs or cats food which was by the pet door.”
So one easy way to help solve this problem is to keep that yummy smelling food away from wofting through the pet door and inviting the unwanted guests in.
But ultimately if you get an Electronic Dog or Electronic Cat door then this will solve pretty much all of the concerns mentioned above as they will only open for your pet via an electronic device on your pets collar giving your loved one free access to there bathroom and playground while keping your house safe.
So thanks for reading and remember…
“There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.” ~ Ben Williams


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